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TMD Treatment

TMJ Pain Relief in Littleton, MA

The dental practice of Stephen F. Gianino, DMD, provides relief from the pain and stiffness that accompanies dysfunction of the temporomandibular joint (TMJ). Our dentist treats TMD and other bite issues in the Littleton/Groton area.

If you are suffering from TMJ disorder, call Dr. Gianino today!

TMD Explained

TMD or temporomandibular joint disorder refers to dysfunction of the mechanism that controls your upper and lower jaw. You use it when you speak, smile, and chew. Your temporomandibular joint is closely tied to bite function. A change in one h can cause changes in the other.

A healthy bite distributes pressure equally across your teeth. In the case of a misaligned bite, the temporomandibular joint will shift out of its ideal placement to prevent you from feeling pain or discomfort. Conversely, if the joint is off balance teeth grinding or clenching may occur, which leads to pain and stiffness when opening your mouth and, in extreme cases, even when swallowing.

Because the temporomandibular joint must move in every direction to be completely functional, any disruption can result in a variety of mobility issues.

Some of the symptoms associated with TMJ disorder include:

• Facial pain• Tooth Pain
• Earaches
• Headaches
• Neck Aches
• Jaw Soreness
• Clicking of the Jaw

Dr. Gianino specializes in disorders of the bite and is certified as a master in treating dental occlusion, defined as the relationship between the upper and lower teeth as they meet.
He has many years of experience treating patients with TMJ symptoms and is committed to providing much needed, long-lasting relief through his extensive knowledge of this disorder and the best ways to diagnose and treat it.

Dental Appliance Therapy for TMD in Littleton 

Dr. Gianino prefers to use activator appliance therapy as it is a tried and true method of correcting the underlying cause of TMD, a misaligned bite. It is the simplest, most direct treatment, carrying the least amount of side-effects or possible complications. The device alleviates pressure and pain and retrains the jaw while giving the surrounding muscles a chance to rest.

Put Yourself in Good Hands with our TMJ Dentist

Dr. Gianino has honed his ability to alleviate the symptoms of TMD and correct this disorder. In just one or two visits you can be well on your way to permanent relief.

If you are experiencing TMD symptoms in the Littleton/Groton area, call Dr. Gianino today.

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