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Periodontal Disease

Periodontal Care and Your Teeth

Gum or periodontal disease is common and is the number one cause of tooth loss. While gum disease is widely experienced by adults, soft tissue infection and resulting complications can be avoided with the right dental care provider and treatment regimen. Dr. Stephen Gianino is a board-certified periodontist who provides gum care in Littleton and is committed to restoring patient’s wellness.

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Your Source for Gum Disease Treatment in Littleton

Gum disease can progress slowly and without obvious signs. The first symptoms of periodontal disease are bleeding when brushing, irritation, and reddening of the gums. At Dr. Gianino’ s office, our team is familiar with all tell-tale signs of gum disease, and we provide comprehensive periodontal care to treat all cases, ranging from gingivitis to progressive periodontitis. Some of our services include:

Advanced Diagnostic Technology
 – Dr. Gianino’s specialized in-office equipment allows us to identify and target the specific strain of oral bacteria to ensure the best results from treatment.

Laser Assisted Dentistry – Our specialist utilizes a soft tissue laser to focus precisely on the areas of your gums that need treatment. This provides a more efficient and comfortable experience.

Gum Grafting – During this procedure, Dr. Gianino covers exposed tooth roots caused by severe gum recession. Gum tissue is taken from your palate or another source to cover the root.

Pocket Reduction Surgery – Pockets, or spaces between your teeth and gums, develop due to gum disease and grow as tartar accumulates. This procedure involves removing the tartar and bacteria that has created space between gums and teeth. Gums are then treated to encourage reattachment for a more stable smile.

Dr. Gianino has over thirty years of experience treating unique cases of gum disease and takes a proactive approach to protecting your wellness. He feels everyone deserves a healthy mouth and beautiful smile, even if they may have neglected their teeth and gums in the past. With help from our skilled specialist, you can enjoy a healthier smile and minimized risk of tooth loss.

Gum Disease and Your Overall Health

The correlation between your overall health and the health of your gums is important to consider. There is a link between periodontal disease and systemic illness, especially relating to the heart and lungs. Conditions like diabetes and even medications can exacerbate gum disease. These close connections between dental wellness and physical health make periodontal care all the more important.

Dr. Gianino provides gum disease treatment in Littleton to restore your ideal oral health and contribute to your complete well-being.

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